12 Months, 8 Projects

Let’s talk about the coming year.

This year, I’m starting a challenge: building 8 products in 12 months.

I’m going to build stuff using different technologies like Ruby, Javascript, Swift and maybe some Go or Scala too. It’s gonna be awesome!

I will not build one product per week or per month. I’m trying to stay flexible so I will just chain the projects one after the other. We’ll see how long each
one took afterwards.

I will be releasing the products throughout the year, in the order described below. Some stuff in the following list might change in the future. You can be sure, however, that the first two will happen in the first quarter of 2016.

So here is the list:

1. YourSetup

That’s the application I’m currently working on. It’s in beta for now but you can already apply. It’s a platform for streamers and youtubers to share their setups with their audience and easily add affiliate links.

2. A simple Time Tracker

A friend of mine requested a simple time tracker application that integrates well with OS X. It should be really, really simple. You define a task and start a timer, that’s it. If you want to get stats and synchronize on different devices, you will be able to create an account on the web version where all your data will be aggregated.

3. Master Ruby Web APIs

Master Ruby Web APIs is a book I’ve been planning to write since I released Modular Rails. I got started and defined the plan but then decided to start playing around with micro-niche websites instead. I didn’t get much out of those because I kinda hate doing SEO-related tasks, unfortunately. Anyway, once YourSetup is live and operating by itself, I will focus on writing this book. Just like Modular Rails, it will come with different packages, probably in the following format:

  • Book, $39
  • Book, Source Code, 4 screencasts, 1 interview, $99
  • Book, Source Code, 2 extra chapters, 12 screencasts, 4 interviews, API Examples Code, Exercise Solutions, $249

Can’t wait to get started!

4. Pomodoro Platform

Since I started using Pomodoro, I’ve been wanting to create a platform for people to do pomodoros in a social way. The idea is not from me and I will actually share where it comes from in the future.

5. Online Course about creating ‘tech’ books

Since I released Modular Rails, I’ve also been thinking about teaching people how to write technical books. It’s pretty easy and if you’re a tech person (designer, developer, etc.), you can easily find a topic and an approach to write a book about. This could allow people to leave their jobs behind or generate extra income.

In this book, I will compile the experience from writing 2 tech books and self-publishing them. I’m not sure about the pricing yet but I will probably go with something similar to Master Ruby Web APIs with 3 different packages (ranging from $99 to $499).

6. A Workout Challenge mobile application

I’m a web guy. I’ve always been creating stuff for the web and this year, I want to try something else. I want to create a mobile application. I’m not expecting a huge output from it but I will still do my best to promote it. That’s an application I will actually be using personally. I will talk more about it in the future, I don’t want to say too much yet. 😉

7. Online Course about becoming a software engineer

Finally, my last challenge for the year will be to create an online course about becoming a software engineer/web developer. It will contain videos, interviews, ebooks about the whole idea behind becoming a developer. The idea is to take someone who knows nothing about development and bring him to become full-time engineer or freelancer.

8. ???

I keep the last slot free to add another project later this year.

What else?

So I’m going to build all these cool stuff and document everything I’m doing. It will either be here on this blog for the non-tech part or on Samurails for the tech-part. While doing all of that, I still have to maintain those 2 blogs and publish articles once in a while.

Sadly, I could never commit to a publishing schedule for my blogs before and I don’t think I can do it right now. However, I will do my best to publish at least 1 article per week on Dnzt.io and 1 tutorial every 2 weeks on Samurails.

The goal with this is to grow Samurails to 1000 views per day by the end of the year. It currently sits at 350~400 views/day.

I’m not sure how much I can grow dnzt.io, but I’d like to see it reach at least 200 views/day by the end of the year.

The End

That’s all guys. I hope you enjoyed reading my yearly plan. I can’t wait for the end of the year to write a review of everything I built!


Software Engineer interested in alternative ways of life who is not planning to retire when he is 60 (more like 30) thanks to the Internet.

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